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Welcome to Spirit and Truth Sanctuary (formerly the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit), an inclusive spiritual community where all of God's children are welcomed and celebrated. A place where we worship in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus said, "The hour is coming and now is where we won't worship on this mountain nor in Jeruselem, but the Father is seeking for true worshippers who will worship in spirit and in truth...for God is Spirit." Spirit is bigger than Religion. Truth is bigger than any denomination. If you are looking for a REAL CHURCH full of REAL PEOPLE who worship a REAL GOD... look no further! For over 56 years our ministry has opened its doors to people from every walk of life. Today is no exception and our doors are open to you. When you walk into our doors, whatever label that you carry, whether it be your gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, or race; any label that this temporary, physical realm has put on you, drops. So, if you've never been to church or been to one too many, this may just be the place for you. Will YOU join us as we continue the journey toward truth?
-D. E. Paulk

New Year's Eve 2012
Pastor D.E. Paulk and Spirit and Truth Worship Team
"A Place of Restoration"

Grand Opening
Pastor D.E. and the Spirit & Truth Family

Prayer of Surrender

Spirit of Truth, CARRY me where You will; BRING to me what You will; TAKE from me what you will... I am surrendered. Amen.


So much of our congregation has requested that we make our weekly responsive readings and affirmations available. We will begin to compile these for you and will always site the source and reference.  read more

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2017 God Working in Me, Through Me, Around Me, As Me

2016 - Awake and Committed

In 2017, our theme is "God working IN, THROUGH, AROUND an AS me." This phrase uncovers four different level of truth and consciousness. God being EXPERIENCED as an accident or coincidence. God being NOTICED or RECOGNIZED within. God being given ALLOWANCE to use you or work THROUGH you. And, SURRENDERING to the DIVINITY that IS YOU and working AS YOU! I'm extremely excited to walk with you as we continue to awaken together! Happy New Year! ~D.E. Paulk

Vital Signs
Wednesday Study Series

Our new Study Series begins!

The Purpose Principles: How to Draw More Meaning into Your Life

I look forward to continuing this new journey with you.

Every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00 p.m.

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Easter Sunday, April 8th ONE SERVICE 10:30 a.m.
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We have many great ministry opportunities and exciting events. Our NEW ONLINE CALENDAR contains specific event information.  view now
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