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Cathedral Family,

Today, May 31, 2012 we successfully closed on our new church home. Look at God!

May 31, 2012 Closing

I am overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude and thanksgiving for so many things. Thanks be to God for making a way where there seemed to be none. Thanks be to God for keeping us safe in the hollow of His hand. Thanks be to God for working all things together for our good. Thanks be to God for the blessing of walking hand in hand into a new season with a faithful and loyal people.

Yesterday would have been our late Bishop's 85th Birthday. It is hard to believe he made is transition 3 years ago. Also, our first Sunday in our new home will begin the 7th year since Brandi and I came back to the Cathedral from Grace Church.

3 is symbolic of Resurrection.
7 represents Perfection and Completion.

As I signed the last purchasing document for our new home I could sense the power of Resurrection and also a Perfecting of everything that has concerned us!

There are no obstacles blocking our path to destiny. However, there remains much to be done to prepare our new home. I am confident that we can do it together!

Let's celebrate this victory together as a family this Sunday, June 3, 2012.

Bring your best praise!


D. E. Paulk

D.E., Brandi, Esther and Micah
D.E., Brandi, Esther and Micah Paulk

StaffThe Cathedral Founders and Staff

Our New Home

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2012 Slogan "Let Spirit Carry You To Truth in 2012"

Spirit of Truth, CARRY me where You will; BRING to me what You will; TAKE from me what you will... I am surrendered. Amen.


2012 will be a year of order and design in my life.
In 2012, the chaos in my life will surrender to order.
In 2012, the disorganization in my life is about to be overwhelmed by structure & discipline.
This year I will allow myself to be mentored into promotion & increase.
The failures of 2011 only exist in my mind to remind me of the wisdom I have gained.
In 2012, I am open, ready and willing for God's favor to follow me and lead me as I walk into my destiny.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise. I am in balance and in order.
2012 will be the greatest year of my life.

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Easter 2012 ONE Service

Founders, Pastors Don and Clariece Paulk

Don Paulk Family



D.E. and Brandi

Visit Our Relocation page to stay up to date on the latest news. You can also view our recent business meeting summary, property tour information and photos. Please note: our first service in our new location will be Sunday, August 5, 2012! Until then...we will continue at our present location while we repair and renovate our new home. Together we can! read more
Easter 2012 ONE Service


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