Fully Awake


You are about to embark on 100 days of a transformational journey that will radically shift your consciousness, awaken your creative capacity and summon your God-given power. These 100 Affirmations will Challenge Your Mind, Channel Your Power and Change Your Life. Each affirmation, teaching and affirmative prayer is designed to purposefully turn you within so you can powerfully create without. I am honored you would join me on the journey of becoming Fully Awake. $15

Copyright © 2021 by D.E. Paulk

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Most of us are not big fans of change. Yet, we all change. However, we change at our own pace and in our own space. Change is the constant. The pace of change is the variable. No one can decide our pace or choose our space for us. Some of us are capable of emptying our cups, completely surrendering our egos and experiencing change at a quantum pace. Still others of us are a bit more reluctant and connected to a particular way of thinking, doing and being. There is not one route to change or even a required speed. Life will actually tell us what our speed of change should be. How? When the pain of remaining the same becomes more painful than the pain of change...we all decide to change...and change more quickly than we might have initially planned. Pain is a very powerful teacher that doesn’t need our permission or ask for our consent in order to impart wisdom or share life lessons. And, for those of us who are not blessed with mentors or guides, pain is really the only teacher any of us need.

This book is designed to bring about positive change in your experience of life. The daily affirmations, teachings and prayers are all designed to challenge and stretch you. They are not intended to break you. Over the next 100 days I am going to offer you quite a bit of food. Much of it will be inspirational. Yet, some of the teachings may feel confrontational and are purposefully designed to make you think and reconsider. Some of it will taste familiar, while some of it may be new for you. So, eat what you want and what you can. If a specific day or idea trips you up, don’t eat it. You don’t have to eat all of your food at one time or consume everything you are offered. When you are full...stop eating, save it for later or simply throw it out if it doesn’t taste right.

Religion tells you what to think. Spirituality teaches you how to think. In other words, religion sets a plate of food in front of you and tells you to eat, and eat all of it. Spirituality invites you to a restaurant and hands you a menu. Or, presents you with a buffet of food and then allows you to decide which type of food you want and how much. This is your life, your mind and your journey. Design it to fit you. There is no grade being earned and no diploma being handed out. The reward is peace, joy and learning to channel your power while refusing to give it away any longer. Transformation is a process. So be mindful, we are after progress, not perfection.

For most of my spiritual journey I struggled with questions like: “Is this accurate?” “Am I right or wrong?” “Who is correct?” These questions can never really be fully answered because life is not an exact science, or a “one size fits all” and radically varies from one perspective, one person and one place to another. What works for me may be destructive for you. Freedom may be the life giving element for one individual while freedom for others would quickly land them in bondage and enslavement.

The only question that really matters in life is this: IS IT WORKING FOR ME? All other questions are only feeding the ego, distracting from the real work that needs to be done and wasting valuable time and precious energy. Questions of right and wrong and arguments of accurate and inaccurate must all yield and give way to the truth of what works. And, what is working for one person may not be what works for another. Further, what worked for us during one leg of our journey may not work for us now. Consider each lesson. Ponder each idea. Chew on each bite. “Rightly divide the Word of Truth.” Trust the Spirit of God within you to discern what is healthy for you, and what might be harmful. Let’s walk together as we Challenge our Minds, Channel our Power, Change our Lives...and become Fully Awake!


For each day of this journey, I want to encourage you to recite this Prayer of Surrender before you begin your daily affirmation and teaching. This is a simple invitation of truth that sets up the conditions for your soul to be fed and prepares the ground of your mind to be open and available for transformation.


“Spirit of Truth, CARRY ME where You will, BRING TO ME what You will, TAKE FROM ME what You will, AWAKEN IN ME what You will. The Christ MAN is AROUND me. The Christ MIND is IN me. The Christ POWER flows THROUGH me. And, the Christ MYSTERY exists AS me. I believe it. I perceive it. And, now I receive it! I am surrendered. Amen.”

DAY 1 - Say It. See It. Survey It. Shift It.

AFFIRMATION: “My greatest gift is that I am created in the image and likeness of God (and good). This means, I am Created BY God...Creative LIKE God...and Creating AS a god. I am finally willing to stir up the gift of divine image and god-likeness within me. As I embrace my God-given divinity, I will awaken to my full power and potential. God SAID it. God SAW it. God SURVEYED it. Today, I will harness my full power as I SAY it, SEE it and SURVEY it!”

In the very first chapter of the Bible, we find a beautiful pattern of divine creativity. God said, “let there be light.” Then God saw what He said. Then God surveyed what He saw (“said that it was good”). The divine pattern we discover is: First, Say it. Next, See it. Then, Survey it. This is a textbook example of responsible creativity. As divine creatures, created in the image and likeness of the Divine Creator, we must learn to create in the same way. We create by speaking. Then, we will eventually see what we have spoken. And hopefully, we will have the honesty and objectivity to survey what we have spoken and created.

What happens when we don’t like what we survey? If (and that’s a BIG IF) we have the courage to own what we have created, we have the ability to shift it...or re-create it. When God created man, we see the same pattern: God said it. God saw it. God surveyed it. But, this time, God saw that man was alone. God surveyed that this was not good. So, God created again (a companion) or shifted it. We have the same power! We can re-create our lives whenever we have the strength to own what we create and then create something new, something that brings peace, love and joy into our daily experience. This is the process of taking responsibility for our divine creativity. Or to make it plain, this is how we take responsibility for our lives and the experience of life we are creating.

PRAYER: “Creative Word, give me the wisdom to SAY IT, the courage to SEE IT, the honesty to SURVEY IT and the strength to SHIFT IT. Amen.”