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Spirit and Truth Family,

Our first Sunday in our new location was both momentous and memorable. Truly a "kairos" moment! The energy, the love and the presence of God was undeniable. I can hardly wait until next Sunday.

All of us should be aware that it may take a few weeks to figure out exactly how things should flow in order to serve our members and the surrounding community most effectively.

Allow me to speak to a few subjects that may need some clarification.

  • Parking and Shuttles. The use of the shuttle buses seemed to go smoothly for our first week. However, once the Spirit and Truth parking lots (and adjacent lots) are full the D.S.A. (Dekalb School of the Arts) high school parking lot should be used FIRST before anyone parks at Columbia Head Start or at Sherwin Williams. This makes drop off and pickup easier and more efficient for everyone involved. There is also a covered area to wait under at D.S.A. should there ever be inclement weather. The Sherwin Williams lot is too narrow for our shuttles to enter and exit safely. Only once the D.S.A. lot is full you may park at Columbia Head Start or Sherwin Williams. But, if you park at Sherwin Williams you will need to walk over to Columbia Head Start to be picked up by the shuttles. Please remember to be patient and respectful with our volunteer drivers and parking lot workers. They are following the plan we've given them.

  • Overflow seating. In our 2nd service we had about 50 people seated in our overflow area (fellowship hall). There is a projection of the live service in this area. Adding better cameras and blinds for the fellowship hall windows will enhance the clarity of the picture. Be patient. It's on the way!

  • Wednesday Night Service. Our first wednesday night service together will be on August 8th at 7:30 p.m. where we will share a combined service with Dr. Ken Samuels and the Victory For The World Church. The following week we will resume our series on A Course In Miracles.

  • 8:30 a.m. Service. Our attendance in the first service greatly improved this past Sunday. Allow me to say thank you to those who do not have small children or teenagers who have decided to attend the first service. I would also encourage us to carpool when possible and make the most of our available parking. Someday in the near future I believe we will be blessed with more parking property. Until then the use of the shuttles will serve us well and efficiently.

    There is still much to be done. Yet, so much has already been accomplished. I look forward to every step of the journey with you!


    D. E. Paulk

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  • 2012 Slogan "Let Spirit Carry You To Truth in 2012"

    Spirit of Truth, CARRY me where You will; BRING to me what You will; TAKE from me what you will... I am surrendered. Amen.


    2012 will be a year of order and design in my life.
    In 2012, the chaos in my life will surrender to order.
    In 2012, the disorganization in my life is about to be overwhelmed by structure & discipline.
    This year I will allow myself to be mentored into promotion & increase.
    The failures of 2011 only exist in my mind to remind me of the wisdom I have gained.
    In 2012, I am open, ready and willing for God's favor to follow me and lead me as I walk into my destiny.
    I am healthy, wealthy and wise. I am in balance and in order.
    2012 will be the greatest year of my life.

    Easter 2012 ONE Service

    Introducing our New Sunday Service Times of 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.

    D.E. and Brandi

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